Sew Adorable!

Hey y’all!

Posted on: March 9, 2010

While trying to go to sleep last night, I had an epiphany! I should start a blog like the rest of the people on the great big interwebz.

I guess a little introduction is needed. My name is Jessica! I’m a nineteen year old history major, Spanish minor in college right now. I’ve lived in Georgia my entire life and have only left the South once, hence the “y’all” and any other idioms that will probably get thrown in along the way.

When pondering about what kind of blog to make, I immediately thought of a craft blog. I get craft sites from StumbleUpon a lot and frequently visit Etsy so I guess I was inspired by those types of things. Also, I am hoping to really get into crafting, sewing, etc. during my summer break this year. Hopefully, this craft journey can inspire some others to do so too!

I have always adored arts and crafts; I’ve just never been that good at it. I guess I’ve never really found my niche so this blog will feature all of my experiments as I try to figure out what I really want to focus on. I’m leaning toward fabric stuff, as seen in the title of the blog, because I can spend days in the places like Hancock Fabrics.

This post is probably far too long but I’ll get the hang of everything sooner or later! I hope everyone who reads this gets a little enjoyment out of it and maybe finds something they too would like to try out. Thanks for reading!


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